Welcome to Resume Wizworks!


I am Lynnette Grimaud, Career Strategist and Founder of Resume Wizworks, LLC.

With a background in Human Resources and Contract Management, I have developed an expertise in helping ambitious professionals across a broad range of industries develop their personal brand in the workplace and job market.  My experience has allowed me to successfully educate entry-level to C-suite level professionals in cultivating relationships with hiring managers, networking with recruiters, and seamless career transitions into industries they truly have a passion for.


When you're able to find meaning in your career and align it to your purpose, you begin to view every opportunity as a step closer to your overall happiness.  It's not just about having a great resume, or doing great in an interview to land you another job; it's about developing the professional within yourself to succeed in launching your career. That's where I come in!

Whether it be assisting you with a new resume or coaching you through the hiring process, I have a passion for helping professionals excel on numerous levels to make them stand out as leaders within their industry. I strive to create solutions to any challenges my clients may encounter by establishing creative strategies that support their growth in and out of the workplace.  I get to know my clients on a personal/professional level by performing a thorough analysis of what motivates them, where their true passion resides, and their "why" for getting up each day.  


From resumes, to optimized LinkedIn profiles, I utilize my experience to help professionals across the country and the globe. Regardless of the industry, I have developed keen insight into what employers look for in the competitive job market today and have what it takes to propel my clients into their passion. If you are a motivated individual ready to take the next step to professionally accelerate, I welcome the opportunity to connect and discuss all of the ways I can help you get there! 



Career Strategist and Founder